Ami: String
    InstanceType: String
    InstanceProfileName: String


Type: String

The Ami (Amazon Machine Image) has to be a valid AMI ID or one of the following values:

  • AmazonLinux2
  • AmazonLinux2_arm64
  • AmazonLinux2_gpu
  • AmazonLinux2_inf
  • AmazonLinux2023
  • AmazonLinux2023_arm64
  • AmazonLinux2023_inf

Attini will use a corresponding recommended AMI fetched from AWS SSM Parameter store to get the correct AMI ID for your region.

If you configure your own AMI ID, it needs the ECS agent installed and enabled.

Required: No

Default: AmazonLinux2


Type: String

AWS Instance type, for example m5.large.

Required: Yes


Type: String

Using an instance profile name, you can give your EC2 custom IAM Access.

Required: No

Default: `attini-runner-default-instance-profile-{Region} (created by attini-setup)