Welcome to Attini’s documentation


Attini is in beta testing so we do not guarantee backward compatibility at the moment.

Any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Just send an email to: support@attini.cloud

The Attini framework is a set of tools and design principles that will support “hands of deployments” of entire IT environments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Attini will help you package code and configuration files into immutable artifacts that can be distributed to different environment according to your organizations processes.

Attini advantages

  • Hands of deployments

  • Immutable deployments cross environments

  • Advanced configuration support

  • Multi account and region support

  • No tight dependency to a central build server

  • Rollback management (if your software can handle it)

Supported technology’s

Attini only works on AWS and the Attini init deploy can only be built using AWS CloudFormation. The Attini deployment plan is built as a abstraction on AWS Step Functions and therefore supports all States and Service integrations in addition to the Attini native steps.

Attini support

To report a bug, create a feature request or ask for technical support, please send an email to support@attini.io.

Unless your organization have a support agreement with Attini, the support comes with no SLA or other guarantees but we will try to help as much as we can.