Attini Attini

With Attini, you package your Infrastructure as Code into an immutable artifact called an Attini distribution.

The Attini distribution can then be deployed to multiple environments, much like a Docker image.

Deployments are executed from within your AWS Account using only serverless pay-per-use services, making them fast, secure, cost-effective, and repeatable.

Attini deployments run from within your AWS Account, supporting private networks and custom AWS IAM Roles. This makes it possible to run any deployment technology like Terraform, SQL, Ansible, load testing, and much more.

Attini CLI can package and deploy your code effortlessly, and it can be executed from any CI/CD tooling as well as from your local workstation.

No SaaS integration. No self-hosted workers. Just serverless continuous delivery. Attini is open-source and free to use.

If you’re exploring Attini for the first time, please refer to our Get Started guide.