Interface AttiniRunnerProps

interface AttiniRunnerProps {
    awsVpcConfiguration?: AwsVpcConfiguration;
    containerName?: string;
    ec2Configuration?: Ec2Configuration;
    ecsCluster?: string;
    image?: string;
    roleArn?: string;
    runnerConfiguration?: RunnerConfiguration;
    startup?: Startup;
    taskDefinitionArn?: string;


awsVpcConfiguration?: AwsVpcConfiguration

VPC configuration.

containerName?: string

The name of the container in the task definition. This is only required if a task definition with multiple containers is specified.

ec2Configuration?: Ec2Configuration

Configures an EC2 instance to host the Runner ECS task. By default, Attini Runners use Fargate, but you can use EC2 instead. This is useful if you want to start a container from the ECS container, which is currently not possible with Fargate.

ecsCluster?: string

The name of the ECS Cluster to use. This is not mandatory if there is a default cluster in the account.

image?: string

A Container image that the runner should use. If you configure this value, Attini will configure a TaskDefinition for you.

This configuration can not be combined with the taskDefinitionArn configuration.

roleArn?: string

The IAM Role the Runner should use.

This IAM Role will override the IAM Role from the TaskDefinition.

This IAM Role requires a basic execution policy that allows the runner to communicate with the deployment plan. Add the following execution policy to the IAM Role:

runnerConfiguration?: RunnerConfiguration

Configuration for the runner.

startup?: Startup

Runner startup configuration.

taskDefinitionArn?: string

Fargate ECS task definition that the Attini Runner should use.

If omitted, then Attini will use its default task definition.

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