Interface AttiniImportProps

interface AttiniImportProps {
    distributionSource?: DistributionSource;
    executionRoleArn?: String;
    mapping?: {
        [key: string]: string;
    s3Source?: S3Source;
    sourceType: SourceType;


distributionSource?: DistributionSource

Used when the source of the import should be another distribution deployed in the environment. Before a distribution can import the output of another distribution, it first needs to be declared as a dependency in the attini-configuration file.

executionRoleArn?: String

The arn of the execution role that should be used for accessing the source. At the moment only needed for the S3 source type if Attini does not have access to the S3 Bucket.

mapping?: {
    [key: string]: string;

A key/value map where the value is a path to a value in the imported document. The path follows the JSONPath syntax. The value on the path will be included in the output of the step under the same key name as the mapping.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string
s3Source?: S3Source

Used when the source of the import should be a file on S3. The file must be either a JSON or a YAML document.

sourceType: SourceType

Specifies what kind of source should be used.

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