Interface AttiniCfnProps


  • AttiniCfnProps


action?: CfnAction

Specify if the stack should be created/updated or deleted.

configFile?: string

Specifies a path to a configuration file for the stack.

For more information, see the documentation

enableTerminationProtection?: boolean

Specify if termination protection should be enabled for the stack.

For more information, see the AWS documentation.

executionRoleArn?: string

The role that should be assumed when the Attini Framework deploys the CloudFormation stack.

The ExecutionRole has to trust the following role so that it can be assumed:

outputPath?: string

An optional field name that the CloudFormations output should be placed under in the deployment plan payload.

parameters?: {
    [key: string]: string;

The CloudFormation parameters

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string
region?: string

The region that the template should be deployed to.

stackName?: string

The name that should be given to the stack when deployed. The name must be unique in the Region in which you are creating the stack.

Required if it is not specified in configFile

stackRoleArn?: string

The arn of the StackRole, find more info here: AWS CloudFormation service role

tags?: {
    [key: string]: string;

The CloudFormation tags

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string
template?: string

The path to the CloudFormation template. Can either be:

  1. A path to a file in the distribution. The path should be from the root of the project and start with a "/".
  2. A URL to a public S3 file, starting with "https://".
  3. An S3 path, starting with "s3://".

Required if it is not specified in configFile

variables?: {
    [key: string]: string;

Variables that should be passed to any configFile that is configured. Variables can be referenced in the configuration file and can be used to pass data from the payload to the configuration.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

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