Ignore Files

Sometimes you have files in your repository that you do not want to include in your Attini Distribution. For example, you might have code you compile in the package phase that you want to exclude from the distribution and only package the build artifacts. You can easily do this with .attini-ignore.


.attini-ignore is a file with glob patterns that tells the Attini CLI which files to ignore when it packages the distribution. It’s a similar structure to .gitignore.

The .gitignore file must be located in the project's root directory, next to the attini-config file.

├── attini-config.yaml
├── .attini-ignore
├── ...

Ignore files process Ignore files process

Default .attini-ignore

If the .attini-ignore file is missing, the Attini CLI will apply the following configuration.

**[#%\{}`~<>|^ &;?$]*

The default file will ignore all hidden files and files with the following characters in the name:

#\{}^%` &;?$][]"<>~|

If you write your own ignore file, we recommended you include the default patterns in the file as well so that all files stay compliant with S3 naming conventions.