Get an Attini License Token

1. Create an account in the admin portal

Go to the Attini admin portal and create an account and register an organization.

2. Create an account group

A account group is a grouping function that lets you group AWS Accounts. You will need at least 1 account group to create a license token.

You can name your account group to anything that makes sense for your organization, ex main, default, dev, prod, accounting etc.

3. Create and apply a license token

Now you can create (and delete) license tokens for your account group in the Attini admin portal.

To use a token in an Attini installation, you can run the follow command:

attini setup --license-token [new license token]

Or update the Attini licenceToken using the AWS Console.

Next time you run an Attini deployment plan in a AWS Region that uses the token, you will receive an email that will ask you to approve the new account in the Attini admin portal.


You only need the Attini license token in one region per account to associate it with your Attini subscription.

You can only have 1 token per account, however you can have the same token in many accounts.

Is my license token secret?

No, your license token by it self is not sensitive because every account that uses your license token have to be approved in the Attini admin portal before the consumption is added to your invoice. However, if your license token leaks out someone can try to add their AWS account to your invoice so its a good idea to keep it private.

How to rotate a license token

You can have many license tokens at the same time so if you want to rotate a license token just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new license token in the Attini admin console

  2. Update all your attini installation

    attini setup --license-token [new license token]
  3. Delete the old license token in the Attini admin console