Common issues

Attini CLI

Text ‘date’ could not be parsed at index 19

I get the error Text '2021-05-04T18:35:49UTC' could not be parsed at index 19 when using the Cli with AWS SSO credentials.

If you authenticate with an old version AWS CLI version this error occurs. Please update the AWS CLI.

Updating the Attini CLI don’t work

If you update the Attini CLI and the installation looks ok, but it takes no effect its probably because you have 2 Attini CLI installed and the “old” installation is located before your “new” installation on your systems PATH.

This can easily happen if you fist do a root/admin installation, then a “Non admin/root” installation.

Run the command: which attini

And verify that the Attini CLI path is actually the one you updated.

(zsh) Attini CLI broke after I updated it

If you get the error zsh: killed on all the Attini CLI commands after an update, you have to delete the Attini CLI and reinstall it. See the rm ${PATH_TO_CLI}/attini; part of the installation Attini CLI command.

Getting error “sh: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘” when turning on cli autocomplete

If you are trying to enable Attini CLI autocomplete via source <(attini generate-completion) command and it fails like this:

sh: syntax error near unexpected token `('

Run this command instead:

attini generate-completion > /tmp/attini-generate-completion; source /tmp/attini-generate-completion; rm -f /tmp/attini-generate-completion

(bash) Attini CLI autocompletion does not work

If the autocompletion for the CLI does not work make sure you are not running an old version of bash. Attini autocompletion required bash version 4 or later. To update bash on a Mac with homebrew run brew install bash.

Deployment plan

Deployment plan froze

A frozen deployment plan is a consequence of the Attini resources or AWS Service integrations not responding the the underlying AWS StepFunction. This can be due to issues (example throttling) with some underlying service like AWS Lambda or Amazon SNS.

If you have a frozen deployment plan you should retry your deployment. The Attini framework will always cancel the old deployments before starting a new one so there is no risk for “zombie deployment”.

Importing an old CloudFormation stack into a deployment plan

If you have an old CloudFormation stack that you include into a Attini deployment plan and the first update of that CloudFormation stack fails, the Attini deployment will freeze. The work around is to not do any updates to the CloudFormation resources the first run, that way the CloudFormation stack will not fail.