attini ops delete-stack-resources [--delete-stack] [--json] [--account-id=<account>] [-p=<profile>] [-r=<region>] --stack-name=<stackName> [--stack-region=<stackRegion>]


Delete all resource Attini has created to track a CloudFormation stack. The stack itself will not be deleted unless specified with the --delete-stack option.



Specify what account the stack was deployed to, only required if the stack was deployed to a different account then the current.


Also delete the CloudFormation stack. Not supported cross account.


Use json as output format instead of yaml.

-p, --profile=<profile>

Specify a configured profile, if absent the default profile will be used.

-r, --region=<region>

Specify an aws region (ex eu-west-1), if absent the default region will be used.


Specify the name of the stack which resources should be deleted. Required.


Specify an aws region that the stack was deployed to. If absent the profile specified via the --profile option be used. If both --stack-profile and --profile is absent then the default region will be used.