attini distribution package [-h] [-cb] [-crl] [--json] [--skip-commands] [-ec=<envConfigPath>] [-i=<distributionId>] [--name=<name>] [-v=<version>] <path>


Package a distribution.


-cb, --container-build

Package in a container using docker.

-crl, --container-repository-login

Run login commands before getting container image.

-ec, --environment-config-script=<envConfigPath>

Optional path to a script file that will be executed before each package command execution phase.

-h, --help

Show information about this command.

-i, --distribution-id=<distributionId>

Specify a distribution id to set for the distribution. Will be set before any prepackage commands are run. Will override any existing distributionId.


Use json as output format.


Set a custom name for the package


Dont run the pre or post package commands defined in the attini-config file.

-v, --distribution-version=<version>

Specify a semantic version for the distribution.



Specify a path to your distribution root. Required.