attini deploy rollback [-fh] [--json] [-e=<environment>] -i=<distributionId> -n=<distributionName> [-p=<profile>] [-r=<region>]


Perform a rollback to a previously deployed distribution.


-e, --environment=<environment>

Specify an environment. Required if there is more then one environment in your account.

-f, --force

Force the deployment. This will skipp the confirmation question for production environments.

-h, --help

Show information about this command.

-i, --distribution-id=<distributionId>

Specify an id of a distribution. Required.


Use json as output format instead of yaml.

-n, --distribution-name=<distributionName>

Specify a name of a distribution. Required.

-p, --profile=<profile>

Specify a configured profile, if absent the default profile will be used.

-r, --region=<region>

Specify an aws region (ex eu-west-1), if absent the default region will be used.