Distribution file names

All files in the distribution are put on AWS S3, which means that all file names have to be compliant with S3 object key name standards. Therefore only the “Safe characters” from the documentation are recommended for filenames.

Forbidden characters in filenames

Any characters that require special handling or character that should be avoided are not supported by the Attini framework.


If you have file names that include non-supported characters, the Attini CLI will ignore them.

Ignore files using the Attini CLI

To ignore files in your directory when your create your distribution you can create a .attini-ignore file in your base directory.

This file contains glob patterns that tells the Attini CLI which files to ignore when it packages the distribution.

If you write your own ignore file we recommended you to include the default patterns in the file as well.

Default .attini-ignore

If the .attini-ignore file i missing, the Attini CLI will apply the following configuration.

**[#%\{}`~<>|^ &;?$]*

The default file will ignore all hidden files and files with the following characters in the name:

#\{}^%` &;?$][]"<>~|