Artifact life cycle

Over time your distributions will pile up and start driving cost.

Attini therefore support a life cycle policy for your deployed distributions. The life cycle policy will be configured with 2 numbers, days and deploys.

This means that you will always be able to rollback X days and Y versions.

When we clean up old deployments everything with the key prefix /${environment}/${distribution-name}/${distribution-id}/ in the Attini artifact store will be deleted.

The clean up will be done by the Init deploy so if no new deployments are done, the life cycle management will never be triggered.


If you configure your deployments for 10 days and 5 deployments, all the files associated with an distribution that is older then 10 days AND have more then 5 newer deployments will be permanently deleted.

If you deploy 100 times within a 10 days, you wil have 100 versions of your distribution in s3, however on the 11th day 95 versions be deleted.

If you deploy once a month, the distributions will be saved for 5 month.